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2010 Xiangyun Class B almonds up to EU standards for pesticide residues in tea


Chaoan Ji Yunxiang Tea Industry Co., Ltd. joint Chaoan the Phoenix XIANGYUN tea marketing department to develop domestic and international market the Chaoan the Phoenix XIANGYUN tea Marketing is an export company has the right to import and export of tea; jointly build Chaozhou specialty teaindustry, at the same time, set production, processing and marketing of tea related products as one of the professional tea company. The tea base is located in the Chinese oolong tea town, "said Guangdong Province town of Phoenix. Has 1000 acres of tea plantations at an altitude of 600 meters above the national tea seed Phoenix single cluster hometown, environment and climate superior quality natural green food base. The company's products have passed the QS certification, was named the "pollution-free products.     

the Company's goal is to improve quality, scale ", adhere to the road of self-improvement, strive to merchants who developed a series of tea" shape, color, smell and taste superb, strive regardless varieties , the parties to the specifications, marketing, product structure surface can get their trust merchants. Production process using traditional techniques and modern machinery and equipment refined form has a unique flavor, aroma "Ji Yunxiang" brand Acura Phoenix Dancong tea.     

the tea production following characteristics: Ukraine brown, the cable tight knot mellow; Huang Liang, fragrance glycol; taste back to Gan Liqiang; with rich minerals, natural floral and unique mountain rhyme honey flavor; refreshing beneficial life, health and beauty and a unique role in health.     


today, standing in the new century and the new millennium, the starting line, continue rode good "variety, style and clear, grade, quality assurance, health security, buy the rest assured, comfortable drink" belief, "drops drops of tea cup, Woods Ji Yunxiang philosophy, trying to build international brands. 


Address: Guangdong Province, Chaoan Phoenix Town Fung Sun Chuen Marketing