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Let you know the best way to brew Phoenix Dangcong tea


 Kungfu tea generally refers to Phoenix tea: Phoenix tea is one of the green tea varieties, which belongs to the oolong tea category and belongs to the semi-fermented tea. It is one of the six major teas in the country. Fragrant, honey, almond. . . .

Phoenix tea originated from the Phoenix Mountain of Chaozhou. It is the most distinctive specialty of Chaozhou. Now it has been recognized and favored by the whole Chaoshan and even foreign friends. Many friends want to have a good tea art, so that their friends can taste the most authentic Chaozhou Kungfu tea. , I’ll teach you how to brew Kung Fu tea below, I hope it’s helpful to you.

There is a certain difference between Phoenix tea and other teas, and the difficulty of brewing is more difficult, and the technique is more particular. If the brewing is not as good as the method, it is easy to be bitter and violates the tea ceremony.

The amount of tea should generally be controlled at 6-7 minutes full. After the water boils, rinse the cup and scald the cup, and then throw the tea. Don't shake the fragrance after throwing the tea, just cover it slightly. The tea must be washed quickly and lightly, so that it can have a tea fragrance and a beneficial tea taste, and can smooth the tea and make the tea full.

The next most important thing is to make the tea soup. In order to make the concentration of the tea soup in each small tea cup uniform, make the color, taste, and aroma of each cup of tea soup as close as possible, so as to wait for customers equally, and treat them equally, so we used "guan gong patrol city" ", "Han Xin ordered soldiers" these two practices. The method is that once the Kung Fu tea is brewed in the teapot, when dividing the tea soup, arrange the small tea cups, or "一", or "品", or "Tian" first, and use the pot back and forth to sprinkle the tea. . In this way, carrying a red purple sand pot, patrolling the steaming city (small teacup) back and forth, called "Guan Gong patrol the city", which is both vivid and vivid, and also shows the continuity of this action. And because the last few drops of tea left in the teapot are often the strongest, the most mellow part of the tea soup, it is necessary to distribute them evenly so that the tea soup does not vary in intensity. Finally, the few drops left in the teapot should be removed. Tea soup, one drop by one cup, drip into each teacup, known as “Han Xin’s Order”.

Friends, if you have mastered some of the above skills, act quickly and make a cup of Kung Fu tea for your friends around you to try.

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