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Tea Gift Box 160g Gift Box

Product Introduction


Name: Phoenix Single Cong High-end Gift Box 160g

Ingredient: Tea

Ingredients: Phoenix Dancong (Fir) Tea

Level: Super

Weight: 160g

Production date: see the date on the package

Preservation method: Please place in a clean, dry and cool place

Packaging Type: Canned

Origin: Mainland China

Manufacturer: Chaozhou Jiyunxiang Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Factory Address: Fengxin Village, Fenghuang Town, Chaoan District, Chaozhou City

product description:

It is named after the tea soup tastes sweet and refreshing with a slight ginger spicy taste. The finished tea strips are tightly rolled, light yellow-brown, oily, and have a high and long-lasting aroma; the soup color is golden and bright, the mountain flavor is strong, and it is full of strong irritation, refreshing and resistant to brewing.


brewing method:


1. The brewing of Phoenix Dancong is fast. Because the soup is fast, the tea should be washed quickly. Generally, it is better to use mountain spring water or pure water, and then it is better to use a cover bowl for tea.


2. First scald the bowl with boiling water, then pour an appropriate amount of tea, pour 6 to 70% of the full water into the tea bowl to wash the tea, then quickly scrape off the foam, and then quickly wash the tea again to drain all the water.


3. Then add water to brew the tea soup. Phoenix single vertical soup is faster. After the soup is out, adjust the appropriate brown color and taste according to personal taste. Separate the tea soup to the tea cup. You can roll the tea soup with a cover bowl. It is best to drain the tea soup for each brew. , so that the next tea has a pure taste.


Address: Guangdong Province, Chaoan Phoenix Town Fung Sun Chuen Marketing