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Pomelo flower-scented single bush (fir ) tea

Product Introduction

Name of product: Pomelo flower-scented single bush (fir ) tea

Ingredients: Tea

Ingredients: Organic oolong tea

Grade: Organic tea

Weight: 100g

Date of manufacture: See date on the package

Storage Instructions: Please place in a clean, dry and cool place

Packaging Type: Canned

Country of origin: Chinese mainland

Organic certification: China, EU, USA, Canada, Japan

Manufacturer: Chaozhou Jiyunxiang Tea Industry Co., Ltd

Address: Fenghuang Town, Chao'an District, Chaozhou City

Organic tea VS regular tea



Conceptual distinction


Organic, known as Organic, refers to a system of behavior that has vitality, is spontaneous, and is not (or less) involved by human will. Organic certification is not only aimed at goods, but also at monitoring and controlling the norms followed by the behavioral system of goods in production, packaging, transportation, sales, etc.

Organic tea: It is a tea that is produced and processed according to the methods of organic farming. In its production process, no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulators, chemical foods are applied at all. Additives and other substances are produced, and comply with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) standards, and are certified by organic (natural) food certification organizations. 

Ordinary tea: It is allowed to use high-efficiency and low-toxicity pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides in the production process, but the varieties and quantities used must be controlled within the standard range set by the state. Ordinary tea is the most basic requirement for tea quality within the national allowable standard, and it is also the minimum standard for market access.



Product Introduction:


     The pomelo blossom fragrance is named for the natural pomelo blossom aroma that emits when brewed into tea! into tea strips tightly rolled, dark brown, more oily; When brewed, the aroma of pomelo flowers is refreshing and elegant; The soup is golden and bright; The taste is sweet, the pomelo flower aroma is full of charm, the aroma is long-lasting, the charm is rich, the bubble is resistant, and the tea is good.


Brewing Method:

1, the brewing of Phoenix Dan Cong, pay attention to a fast, because the soup is fast, so the tea washing should be fast, generally choose mountain spring water or pure pure water is better, and then brew tea to choose a bowl is better.

2. First blanch the bowl with boiling water, then put an appropriate amount of tea, inject 6 to 7 full water into the tea bowl to wash the tea, then quickly scrape off the foam, and then quickly wash the tea again to pour out all the water.

3, and then inject water to brew the tea soup, phoenix single longitudinal soup is relatively fast, after the soup according to personal taste to adjust the appropriate tea color and taste, separate the tea soup to the tea cup, you can use the lid bowl to roll the tea soup, each brew is best to drain the tea soup, so that the next brew of tea taste pure.

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