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Step 1 after entering JiYunXiang site, click on the upper right \"free registration\" button to register.

Step. 2 based on relevant content to fill in the registration information, click \"agree to the above agreement and registration\".

Step. 3 complete after registration, the system automatically log in. You can enter the \"user center\" to edit profile, or pick the purchase of goods directly.

Step.  4 selected to right after the goods, can put goods into the shopping cart. Confirm the quantity of goods in the shopping cart and amount settlement after the information is correct, click on the \"confirm\" into the shopping cart page.

Step. 5 according to clew fill in detailed shipping address, after the confirmation of payment and other relevant information, submit the order.

Step. 6 orders submitted after the success, the website will appear the corresponding prompt, click the page payment button below, enter the page of payment, pay after the completion of this order is complete.

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