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Tea cultivation is a complete set of technologies that the tea farmers must master , only through the effective management measures to ensure the tea has a good ecological environment, to ensure  the  quality of tea. Tea cultivation must be ordered to carry out:

1. Firstly, open up Dasan: Select Dasan attaches great importance to achieve the following conditions, alpine environment, climate, soil fertility, soil moisture;  north sunshine time is short, Dasan open rational distribution, structured to ensure that water,soil and fertilizer's reservation;

2. The second is to selection: The later of autumn selection is appropriate, soak seedsinto the clear water for 15-22 hours , Abandon the floating ones and select the sinking ones.

3. Third, breeding or grafting propagation: nutrition of seedlings; choose a more high-quality tea shoots to graft in summer or autumn is the most suitable.

4, Tea Management: "Three charge, seven care" A tea plantation, weeding, pest control, tea tree pruning

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