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The culture of teas are broad, including etiquette  culture,healthy  culture, planting culture, process culture; Phoenix single bundle is called famously as Chaozhou Gongfu Tea in Chaozhou, which contains respectation for protocol customer and meaning friends with tea connotations.

"Gongfu" refers to the meaning of the way of heaviour, "Gongfu" is associated with cooking and tasting tea, known as the "Gongfu tea.
Chaozhou Gongfu has  traditionally brewing form: warm cup of hot pot, Oolong palace, red hanging pot high, mow foam shower cap, Phoenix nodded, hot cup roll, Guan Xuncheng, Han Troops, please tea, trial products in Hong charm.

Healthy Culture; Phoenix within a single cluster of tea because of the nutrients and medicinal value is good for every organ of our body's health, under normal circumstances, being beneficial to physical and mental health.phy.
Planting culture; tea from the selection or grafted in the blood and sweat with farmers, is the priceless expression
Processing culture: tea processing forming process through a dozen ways, it is a very complex operation and must pay attention. Like perceptual processing of tea by the climate, geography, human and other factors.


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