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 Origin of Shan thicket tea makes a handicraft, as follows: One, plucks the fresh leaf; Two, shines upon green grass; Three, let green grass cool; Four, touch green grass; Five, ferments; Six, kills out; Seven, crumple in a ball twist together with the fingers; Eight, cures.



plucks the fresh leaf?

 The best time to pick is from 10 o'clock in the morning to over 4 o'clock in the afternoon on sunny days, moisture content contained by fresh leaf evaporates unsuitably, in the photosynthesis, have comparatively nutrition matter in tea, the tea oxide much phenol of tea have thereby comparatively, matter waits for favorable condition to increase by , fabrication provides.


Shine upon green grass

 Whose purpose, is to evaporate part of the water in the tea.To be used for bedding next step. 3:30- 5:30 mark of general afternoon the air temperature 22 28 ~C is suitable , shine upon green time 20-30 minutes, between shining upon green dehydration rate being in 7-10 % under the control of.


Cold green grass:


Under shining upon green grass, reduce the tea temperature, chemical composition is had evaporating to tea supercrust in tea endoplasm. Increase tea suppleness. Give off tea fragrance


Touch green grass

Tea passing being separated in time by coming to promote mutual work of tea 2 hours, using both hands or cylinder to turn.


Mutually, the tea fermenting 


passing to turn to come to promote does reaches the purpose fermenting, Shan thicket tea is to ferment partly , the time fermenting is that number of times comes to ascertain that by touching green grass. At the same time be tied in wedlock tea smell achieves purpose.


Crumple in a ball twist together with the fingers


Make tea become a shape, before crumple in a ball twist 15 now and then sustained minutes or so together with the fingers , tea is in crumple in a ball twist queen colour and lustre oil together with the fingers be smooth ,dense alcohol of flavour , the soup color are clear, tea water share oozes at the same time.




To evaporate tea middle moisture content coming the temperature, push melt tea expands matter turn into energy. Give off when rushing bubble easily. The temperature also is that tea mentions tea fragrance

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