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The chemical composition of tea is helpful to people's health: to understand the health care function of tea, first understand the chemical composition of tea and the chemical composition of human body. Tea to get rid of water components, polyphenols, proteins, amino acids, sugar, enzymes, alkali, pigment, vitamins, etc. Polyphenols have tea polyphenols on the human body to effectively lower blood pressure, enhance vascular wall toughness, effective sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect, on human escherichia coli, streptococcus have an inhibitory effect, radiation protection. Tea endoplasm in amino acids, protein up to 1-4% ratio, a variety of amino acids conducive to health. Saccharide: a variety of saccharide sucrose, maltose, lactose, and so on, beneficial to mental and physical health. Take single cong tea as an example:
   (1) can strengthen since lawyer nerve, reduce mental pressure, refreshing, eliminate fatigue, the caffeine in tea can stimulate the center, promote metabolism, improve blood circulation, eliminate drowsiness, reduce fatigue, enhance people's thinking activities;
   (2) can improve energy metabolism, anti - oxidation, anti - aging. Medical results showed that the tea polyphenols and pigment in tea had significant biological antioxidant effect.
   (3) can digest fat, reduce cholesterol, promote fat metabolism. Often drink can reduce the cholesterol in blood and neuter adipose, have reduce blood pressure, prevent coronary heart disease and eliminate fat effect, can accelerate the degradation effect of hyperlipidemia at the same time.  dilate blood vessels, resist atherosclerosis, reduce blood stagnation, reduce blood hypercoagulability, increase blood mobility and improve blood circulation to prevent thrombosis. Tea polysaccharide still can combine with lipoprotein plum, the protein plum that promotes arterial wall enters blood and have fight atherosclerosis effect.Resistance to radiation and resistance to cancer cells. 
Catechins in tea polyphenols have antioxidant effect and can resist and prevent radioactive damage. Blocking the formation of certain carcinogens such as n-nitroso compounds, the frequency of tea consumption increased and decreased.Second, from the taste of tea to improve human sentiment:
   (1) health advantages, often drink to achieve fitness;
   (2) taste advantage, enjoy the natural flavor, Amoy the heart;
   (3) fashion advantage, highlight congou elegant learning art.
Don't: From the chemical components of tea, patients with urinary calculi should avoid drinking tea. Urinary calculi are usually calcium oxalate calculi.careful use of tea medicine, some pharmacology and tea ingredients phase, we must step by step doctor guidance.

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