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China is the home of tea and the birthplace of tea in the world. The discovery and use of tea in China dates back to the matriarchal society and has a history of more than five or six thousand years. "It shows that our ancestors began to cultivate and utilize tea trees more than 3,000 years ago." when it comes to Chinese tea, we have to talk about the top ten famous teas in China. Phoenix tea is one of them, why phoenix tea can be ranked in the top ten tea, we will not discuss why? Or let you know its history and development trend.
Phoenix mountain is located in guangdong chaozhou and meizhou border phoenix mountain, longitude and latitude: 23 °40 '22 "N,116 °38' 33" E, mountainous area up to 300 square kilometers, in chaozhou territory to wudongshan and dazhi mountain, bird temples known; The main peak, fenghuang temples, is 1497.8 meters above sea level. It is the highest peak in east guangdong. The main peak of the mountain towering, shrouded in clouds all day long, silver waterfall feixie, magnificent; Mountain flowers, green pine and cypress. Standing at the top of the mountain around the foot of the hills, chaozhou city near and far scenery panoramic view, refreshing.
Phoenix mountain is the birthplace of she nationality and oolong tea. In sui, tang, song and period, where the she nationality lives, there will be the planting of oolong tea tree. The she nationality and oolong tea tree form an indissoluble bond. In sui dynasty, some she people migrated for various reasons and oolong tea was brought to fujian. During the reign of emperor hongzhi of the Ming dynasty, fenghuang dancong tea became a tribute, known as "tea to be served". During the reign of emperor guangxu of the qing dynasty, fenghuang dancong tea affected India and southeast Asia. During the Anti-Japanese War, tea sales were blocked and production was reduced. After liberation, during Nixon's visit to China, he tasted phoenix tea and praised it as "more refreshing than ginseng".
Phoenix duncong tea because of the historical stage position, in carrying forward chaozhou congou tea culture indelible contribution. Due to its own characteristics. Play a special role. We will give more evaluation to the world to promote a better health drink - phoenix tea

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